Identity Solutions

Identity Solutions has joined forces with Hawes & Freer and are now operating out of our Morningside premises. This joint venture will bring to the New Zealand Fashion Industry and New Zealand Designers a total trims service. If you don’t already know, Identity’s has operated in New Zealand since Feb 1992.

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Covered Button Service

Our covered button service is available for wholesale and retail customers. We have three styles of buttons dome shank, pancake shank and sew thru.

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Fuse Service

Hawes & Freer offers a fuse service in house for wholesale production runs. We are only able to fuse Hawes & Freer fusing products. To help us give you trouble free service, we make the following requests:

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Sourcing & Development

Differentiate your brand to other designers in the industry by choosing and developing a unique textile for the local or global market.

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